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At Lafayette Business Phone Systems, we understand that providing customers with the highest levels of satisfaction is essential for business growth and vitality. Our expert technicians are certified engineers and have the capability to customize solutions that address your specific needs. We prioritize quality assurance throughout the installation process, which is why we meet or exceed all safety standards. No matter if you’re beginning a new project or expanding an existing one, our mission is to fulfill your vision while helping give your business the boost it needs. Contact us today and join Lafayette Business Phone Systems on our journey to achieve success!

Two industry standards for Fiber Optic Cabling

Single-mode (100BaseBX standard)

Single-mode fiber optics technology has revolutionized the way companies communicate, dramatically increasing speed and security over long distances. Employing technologies such as 100BaseBX Standard offers unparalleled data transfer capabilities, allowing businesses to share critical information with complete accuracy and integrity from any location at lightning speeds. This revolutionary form of communication provides organizations unprecedented opportunities for collaboration in a secure environment that guarantees reliability every time it’s used.

Multimode (100BaseSX standard) 

Companies searching for reliable and secure network solutions can now find the perfect fit in advanced optical technologies. Multimode fibers provide businesses with an array of scalability benefits, from low-cost VCSEL options to OM2/OM3/OM4 alternatives – all at competitive prices. Moreover, hassle-free setup and maintenance make these protective measures even more attractive – ensuring data transmission reliability without sacrificing budget or security. In short: when it comes to cost effectiveness coupled with maximum safety performance, modern optical technology is a valuable asset for any business’s operations!

At Lafayette Business Phone Systems, our business phone systems not only offer unlimited capabilities for streamlining and enhancing operations within your organization, but they come equipped with fibre cables, guaranteeing increased reliability as well as unrivaled data transfer speeds. Our installers are dedicated to providing comprehensive support and keeping your company on the cutting-edge of technology innovation. With our superior phone systems, you can arm your employees with the tools they need to maximize their productivity and ensure each project is completed on time. Take advantage of our industry-leading technologies today and see the Lafayette difference!

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